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Spend the night in one of our bubble tents

Spend the night in one of our bubble tents




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Discover the magic of Germany with Book a Bubble! Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the comfort of our transparent bubble tents. We invite you to click on the map to discover the different locations and choose your perfect retreat. Whether nestled in a lush forest or on a picturesque hilltop, each of our bubble tents offers you unique access to the natural beauty of Germany. Immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets nature with Book a Bubble.
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Embark on a unique journey with Book a Bubble in France! Discover over 20 enchanting bubble tents spread across idyllic regions of France. Each of our bubbles offers you a break in nature and combines comfort with the beauty of the French countryside. We invite you to click on the map to discover the different locations and choose your perfect retreat. Experience the magic of a starry night and the silence of nature with Book a Bubble.
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Are you longing for freedom, peace and nature and looking for an original adventure near you? Already found! Book a Bubble is the online booking portal of Bubble Tent Germany. You can book your adventure overnight stay with just a few clicks! No trace of mass tourism – a vacation in a bubble tent is extraordinary and unforgettable. You’re sure to find your favorite bubble here!

Give the gift of a break

Is there a better gift than giving someone a little break from the daily grind? In our hectic everyday lives, there is usually little time for ourselves and no opportunity to simply switch off. The free hours are all the more valuable – just live in the day and take a deep breath. Do what you feel like doing – and if you don’t want to do anything at all, the cozy Bubble Tent is the perfect place to relax in nature. Whether it’s a birthday or a wedding, there’s bound to be an occasion when you want to give your favorite person a very special treat. You can already look forward to the shining eyes – order your gift voucher now.

Bubble Tent in Germany

Germany is the ideal vacation destination for travelers due to its central location in Europe and the variety of tourist attractions. From the fairytale castles of Bavaria to the vibrant streets of Berlin, Germany offers a wealth of experiences. Bavaria attracts a large number of tourists with its hearty cuisine, famous brewery culture and warm hospitality. With Book a Bubble, you can immerse yourself in the idyllic, unspoiled landscapes and cultural heritage of Germany, where each Bubble Tent is the gateway to an unforgettable journey.

Feel very welcome

All bubbles at our German locations are from Bubble Tent Germany. They have been carefully tested by DEKRA and have received REACH certification in accordance with the EU regulation “Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals”. So you can be sure that all our tents are free from harmful chemicals. Because the health of our customers, who know that our bubbles are also 100% recyclable and can be returned to the material cycle at the end of their useful life, the protection of the environment and the sustainable use of resources are extremely important to us. But of course we don’t just attach importance to the impeccable quality of our bubble tents. We also select our locations with great care. We always make sure that your privacy is guaranteed and that you are protected from prying eyes. That’s why our bubbles are always located on large private plots or surrounded by trees and bushes that offer sufficient privacy. Of course, you can always enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding nature. Last but not least, your hosts also play an important role. After all, they should make you feel completely comfortable and welcome. We put our partners through their paces: We have strict selection criteria that our hosts must fulfill. Without ifs and buts. All in all, you can only enjoy a perfect overnight experience if you have the perfect surroundings. And nothing less is our ambition.

Known from

Bubble Tent in France

France is a blend of culture, cuisine and natural beauty that makes it an idyllic retreat not just for families, but for anyone looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure. France’s rich history, world-famous sights and culinary delights are complemented by varied landscapes – from the lavender fields of Provence to the breathtaking coastline of Normandy. The charm of France is enhanced by the joie de vivre of the people and makes the experience in our bubble tents unique. With Book a Bubble you can experience France up close, as each Bubble Tent offers a different angle from which to enjoy the country’s enchanting atmosphere.

Have fun in your Bubble Hotel from Bubble Tent Germany!

Luxurious, close to nature, individual – these are just three reasons why an overnight stay in a bubble tent is a very special experience. In contrast to a classic camping vacation in a tent, our stylish but cozy bubbles are spacious and comfortable. The completely transparent cover also blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. This makes you feel part of the beautiful landscape that surrounds you. At night, the view of the gigantic starry sky is of course included. Only 5 stars on the hotel door? We can easily top that! For both couples and families, a stay in the Bubble Tent is all about nature. Where else can you escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries better than in the middle of nature? Your gaze wanders unhindered into the distance and the word “must” suddenly loses its meaning. Where else can you be yourself so much? The clocks run slower and you can relax and enjoy romantic moments with your favorite person even more. An overnight stay in a bubble tent is also a magical adventure for children. During the day they romp in nature, roam through the colorful summer flower meadows and in the evening the children admire the fascinating starry sky.

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