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Luxury glamping: bubble tents with private hot tub

In the dynamic world of tourism, bubble tents are characterized by their unique combination of luxury and adventure. Imagine a spherical, transparent structure harmoniously embedded in an impressive natural landscape. Each Bubble Tent offers an all-round fascinating experience: here you can fall asleep under a clear starry sky and wake up to the first lights of dawn while watching the sunset….

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Eco-tourism and bubble tents: a sustainable stay

The concept of sustainability is becoming more and more important in today’s society, which is why the protection of nature and the promotion of environmental awareness are also very important when traveling.

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Give the gift of an unforgettable bubble tent experience

What is a Bubble Tent? You want that too? Wake up. Slowly it is getting light. A ray of sunshine tickles the nose. Off to the outside. Bare feet in dewy grass. Stretch and stretch. Breathe in fresh, clear air, deeply. Chirping birds and a few cowbells in the distance. The landscape and the sky […]

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What is a Bubble Tent?

In the Bubble Hotel you are right in the middle of it and yet all to yourself. Enjoy the view of the landscape from the completely transparent bubble and an overnight stay with a difference. Bubble Tent Germany offers you the perfect combination of a classic camping vacation and the luxury of a hotel in the midst of beautiful nature. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy a wonderful time out for two or with the whole family.

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Your top 5 FAQs

Here you can find the most important 5 FAQs about the Bubble Tent. We will answer common questions about the Bubble Tent, such as “How does a Bubble Tent work?” or “Privacy in a Bubble Tent”.

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The special experience!

Look forward to adventures, romantic nights under the stars and explore the unique Bubble Tent locations. Spend an unforgettable night in the Bubble Tent with your partner or family.

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Romantic marriage proposal in bubble tent

It’s finally time? You want to take the next step in your life together with your partner and are still looking for the perfect location for your proposal? Here you will learn everything about romantic marriage proposals & engagement parties in Bubble tent.

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