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Eco-tourism and bubble tents: A sustainable stay

The bubble tents: revolution in eco-responsible glamping

The concept of sustainability is becoming more and more important in today’s society and so a lot of emphasis is also placed on protecting nature and promoting environmental awareness when traveling. Ecotourism is very popular and our bubble tents offer exactly this unprecedented travel experience. Scattered across the picturesque landscapes of Germany, Austria and France, luxury meets ecological awareness. Feel invited to experience a unique adventure – surrounded by state-of-the-art comfort, nestled in unspoiled nature.

The sustainable material of our bubble tents

Bubble tents represent a revolution in the world of overnight accommodation. Futuristic design combined with ecological commitment. The bubbles are made from TPU, a material that is free from harmful substances, food-safe and 100% recyclable. We guarantee a demonstrably minimal CO2 footprint and thus set another milestone towards environmentally friendly tourism.

Bubble tents are equipped with autonomous solar panels and thus ensure a clean, renewable energy supply. This is an important pillar of our vision of sustainable tourism: A stay with us not only consumes little energy, but also actively contributes to the preservation of our planet.

Our aim is to integrate our bubble tents seamlessly into the natural environment without changing it permanently. We attach great importance to creating harmony with nature by minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We achieve this by using self-supporting structures that minimize the impact on the landscape. Our bubble tents are more than just accommodation; they are living examples of what ecotourism can offer.

Les Bubble Tents : révolution du glamping éco-responsable

Environmental management and renewable energies

The untouched nature, the areas, the landscapes in which our bubble tents are located are our most valuable assets and their preservation is at the heart of our corporate mission. Each site is designed to achieve an ambitious goal: to fully offset site-driven CO2 emissions. This goal is made possible by a series of climate protection projects such as “Efficient cooking systems for families in Nigeria” and “Generating electricity from mustard residues in India”. These collaborations allow us to offset any remaining carbon footprint and ensure that your stay in a bubble makes a positive contribution to the environment. These partnerships reflect our enthusiasm for a greener future in which tourism and nature coexist in perfect harmony.

Water and waste management at our sites follow the same philosophy. Waste is sorted and recycled as far as possible, for example through composting systems. These practices show that luxury and ecology are not incompatible, but can support each other to offer our guests an experience that is both refined and responsible.

Ecological activities and experiences

Bubble tents are the ideal starting point for practicing a variety of “gentle” outdoor sports. Although we do not organize these activities ourselves, we encourage our guests to go on sporting adventures and enjoy nature, while respecting and protecting it at the same time.

The picturesque landscapes that surround our bubble tents can be enjoyed particularly well on long walks, hikes or mountain bike tours. For those looking for an even more intimate interaction with nature, wildlife watching and participating in sustainability workshops are worthwhile options.

Philosophy and commitment to eco-tourism

We create moments – Our philosophy is to make it possible to experience breathtaking nights with a view of the starry sky while at the same time leaving the environment in its original form and respecting it.

The Bubble Tents offer their visitors a balanced harmony between modern comfort and environmental awareness.

We believe that treating nature with respect does not have to mean sacrificing all comforts. Rather, it is about finding a balance that makes both possible.

A night in a bubble tent not only allows you to observe nature, it also makes you feel part of it – an experience that combines relaxation and a responsible approach to nature.

The magic of bubble tents

Enjoy the magic of the bubble tent concept. Imagine lying under a sparkling starry sky, the Milky Way unfolding above you like a living painting. In our bubble tents, this dream becomes a tangible reality. Each bubble is a universe in itself, offering not only a breathtaking view of the stars, but also unsurpassed comfort.

For couples, a bubble tent is the epitome of a romantic getaway: a private, comfortable space in which to share unforgettable moments under the stars. For families, it is a land of adventure and discovery, a place where children can learn and marvel at the surrounding nature.

A night in a bubble tent is an experience that far surpasses the simple concept of accommodation. Embedded in the beauty of nature, experience moments in deep connection with the world around us. The stars are not just a spectacle to be admired, they become an integral part of the stay and allow visitors to immerse themselves in a dream world of natural splendor.

Bubble tents represent a new era in the world of travel, in which luxury and sustainability are not only compatible, but actually linked. When you choose a bubble tent for your next stay, you are choosing an experience that will touch your soul and awaken your senses.

We invite you to discover this magic. Experience a unique adventure under a starry sky, enveloped in comfort and tranquillity. Come and experience the Bubble Tent – let us take you on a journey where dream meets reality and unforgettable memories are created while honoring the beauty of our planet.

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