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What is a Bubble Tent?

You want that too?

Wake up. Slowly it is getting light. A ray of sunshine tickles the nose. Off to the outside. Bare feet in dewy grass. Stretch and stretch. Breathe in fresh, clear air, deeply. Chirping birds and a few cowbells in the distance. The landscape and the sky – as if painted. Hold this moment very firmly in your memory.

A beautiful vacation day can not start more perfectly.

Lying comfortably in a cozy bed. Sunset. The surroundings are bathed in golden light. Crickets chirping. Quiet owl calls. Pure romance. It gets darker little by little. Fascinating shadow play. The moon appears in the sky and many thousands of stars twinkle. Just for you.

A beautiful vacation day cannot end more perfectly.

Have you ever slept in a bubble?

In the Bubble Hotel you are in the middle of it all and yet all to yourself. Enjoy the view of the landscape from the completely transparent bubble and an overnight stay with a difference. Bubble Tent Germany offers you the perfect combination of a classic camping vacation and the luxury of a hotel in the midst of beautiful nature. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy a wonderful time out for two or with the whole family.

In cooperation with our hosts we offer you individual bubble hotels all over Germany. So far, we have ten locations – and the number is continuously increasing. From north to south and west to east – we look for and find wonderful places for your overnight stay in the countryside. For nature-loving wild or for luxury lovers with whirlpool? Depending on your preferences, you can choose your favorite from a wide variety of bubble hotels.

Maybe in the countryside? Lace up your hiking boots and discover the beautiful surroundings – maybe even in the company of a few alpacas. Enjoy stunning panoramas and spectacular viewpoints. Don’t forget a picnic! Take the mountain bikes and explore the most beautiful trails. Afterwards you can refresh yourself in crystal clear mountain lakes.

Or would you rather be near a big city to enjoy art, concerts and culinary delights? Drift leisurely through the streets and discover impressive sights or stroll through a flea market. You can then take a well-deserved break with a cappuccino or spritz at the sidewalk café.

In the evening you return home to your cozy bubble hotel, where you can review the experiences of the day. One bubble has a living space of generous 12.5 sqm. The anteroom (airlock) for jackets and shoes is another 2.7 sqm. Directly at the bubbles are dry toilet houses and outdoor solar showers protected from view. Well-equipped outdoor kitchens are at your disposal for breakfast in beautiful nature or a delicious dinner. The equipment of the Bubble Tents is basically predetermined, but still varies from site to site.

Even in cooler months, nothing stands in the way of an overnight experience at the Bubble Hotel. Electric blankets create cozy warmth. Snuggle up close and enjoy an exciting night in a very special atmosphere.

Eco? Logical! In and with nature.

Is it important to you to treat nature with respect? For us too! Sustainable thinking and action are essential components of our philosophy. The health and well-being of our customers and the protection of the environment are very important to us. The tents from Bubble Tent Germany are made of TPU materials that are free of harmful chemicals. Within the framework of the EU regulation “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals” (in short: REACH), our Bubble Tents have been carefully tested by DEKRA. We are very proud that we have obtained REACH certification for all our tents. In addition, all Bubble Tents are 100% recyclable and are thus returned to the material cycle after their end of use.

We are also looking for the best solution in terms of power consumption. In the development of our tent ventilators, the focus was particularly on high efficiency. Meaning: They are extremely efficient with minimal power consumption. Another plus: Most of our bubble tents are even powered by their own solar panels.

What's next?

Resting on our laurels? No way. This is not our way. Of course, we always want to get better and are committed to the further development of our bubbles. You have good ideas or suggestions? Keep it coming. We are always looking for new inspirations and have an open ear for suggestions.
Take a look and see which Bubble Hotel suits your taste. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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