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Your Most Important 5 FAQs

1. How does a bubble tent actually work?

A Bubble Tent looks like an oversized, shiny soap bubble. The cover of the tent is completely transparent. Neither struts nor bars or support beams will disturb your view of the beautiful nature all around. The bubble is inflated by a low-noise turbine, which creates an overpressure. This ensures that the tent does not collapse.

How to get in? It’s very simple: you open the outer door and get into the airlock. Here you can put jackets and shoes. Only when this door is closed again, the second door can be opened, which leads you into the cozy interior of your bubble tent.

2. How does fresh air get into the tent?

Our Bubble Tents are equipped with an excellent air circulation system. A powerful fan completely exchanges all the air in the tent about every 5 minutes. This way you can always breathe easy in your bubble. And without pollen or mosquitoes – because the fan is also equipped with a fine-mesh filter that stops everything that has no business in the tent.

3. Is the fan very loud? How much energy does it consume?

Don’t worry, nothing will stand in the way of your undisturbed sleep. Our specially designed fans are effective enough to maintain the bubble, yet whisper quiet. By comparison, the noise from our devices reaches just 20 decibels – that’s about as quiet as the gentle rustle of leaves.

During development, we focused on high efficiency. Therefore, our fans are extremely efficient and economical at the same time. The consumption is only 35-55 watts. Since the ventilation system is in continuous operation, it is powered either by green electricity or, in most cases, even by energy from the company’s own solar panels.

4. Can you stay at the Bubble Hotel only in summer?

No! Our tents are of course suitable for adventure overnight stays in any season! Spring, summer, autumn or winter – at the Bubble Hotel every season has its own special charm.

In summer, practical awnings provide soothing shade and thus ensure pleasant temperatures inside. In addition, our ventilation system directs the outside air through pipes under the ground. Thus, it cools naturally without additional energy consumption before entering the tent. Of course, in hot weather, the Bubble Tent can still get quite warm during the day. But when you return from your excursion in the evening, pleasantly cool evening air is again conducted into the tent. Thus, you can look forward to completely relaxed and restful nights.

Even in winter, an overnight stay at the Bubble Hotel is very cozy. Electric blankets provide cozy warmth and some locations are additionally equipped with fan heaters. Instead of a silk nightgown, however, fluffy pajamas are a better choice.

5. Privacy in the Bubble Hotel - a contradiction?

Not at all! When selecting locations, we take special care to ensure your privacy. The tents are located on spacious private grounds, up to 2,000 square meters in size. Interference of any kind is thus excluded. On smaller sites, tents are placed in higher, mountainous areas or are surrounded by trees and bushes that provide adequate privacy. So you can enjoy your togetherness undisturbed.

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