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Book a Bubble was founded in 2022 by Markus Mathes and began with the vision of redefining outdoor accommodation by combining luxury and nature. A small, passionate team quickly became an innovative company in the travel industry, offering unforgettable experiences in picturesque locations in Germany and France.

Our mission is clear: we want to offer innovative accommodation that provides a new travel experience, is sustainable and gives you unforgettable memories. At Book a Bubble, we believe that every traveler deserves a unique and unforgettable accommodation that connects them with nature. We offer you luxurious and environmentally friendly accommodation in beautiful surroundings.

Bubble Tent Germany places particular emphasis on closeness to nature and sustainability. We offset all CO2 emissions from our sites and are committed to regular and independent audits of our sites. By the beginning of 2023, every second location is to be powered by solar energy. As the use of solar energy alone is not always technically possible, we obtain the rest of our energy requirements from renewable energy sources.

Book a Bubble

Welcome to a world where nature meets luxury – welcome to Book a Bubble! Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a unique family vacation, our bubble hotels offer you the ultimate glamping experience. Located in the most beautiful places in Germany and France, our tents are designed to let you experience the beauty of nature up close while offering you the comfort of a high-quality hotel. Imagine falling asleep under a starry sky and waking up to the gentle sounds of nature – all in your cozy, well-equipped tent.

Each Bubble Hotel offers a panoramic view that seamlessly connects you to the surrounding landscape and makes every moment of your stay unforgettable. You can easily secure a place in one of these magical retreats via our booking platform.
Join us for a stay in one of our bubble tents and make your dream of a perfect glamping experience come true. Every stay here promises a mixture of adventure, relaxation and unforgettable memories in the midst of nature.

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Discover the magic of Germany with Book a Bubble! Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the comfort of our transparent bubble tents. We invite you to click on the map to discover the different locations and choose your perfect retreat.
Whether nestled in a lush forest or on a hilltop with far-reaching views, each bubble offers a unique approach to nature. Immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets nature with Book a Bubble.
Your adventure is just a click away!

Book a Bubble expanded into the French market in 2023, bringing its innovative glamping concept to one of Europe’s most visited destinations.
Recognizing the affinity for outdoor leisure activities and the rich natural landscapes France has to offer, Book a Bubble seized the opportunity to offer its unique accommodation solution to both domestic and international tourists seeking a mix of adventure and luxury.

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