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Vacation in Lower Saxony

Located in north-western Germany, Lower Saxony offers a varied landscape ranging from the windswept North Sea coast to the lush, hilly terrain of the Harz Mountains. This region is known for its vast landscapes, extensive nature reserves and deep-rooted cultural history, which is reflected in the old towns and villages. Lower Saxony is a blend of maritime heritage, rural charm and urban sophistication, with major cities such as Hanover providing a cosmopolitan counterpoint to the pastoral serenity of the surrounding countryside.

The climate in Lower Saxony is mild and makes it an ideal travel destination all year round. Visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor activities, from beach vacations on the Frisian Islands to hiking and skiing in the Harz National Park. The region’s rich agricultural heritage is reflected in the cuisine, where hearty dishes are prepared using regional produce, and in the lively festivals that celebrate everything from music to medieval history.

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Our favorite things to do in the region

Discover the historical beauty of Hanover:

Explore the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover, which has a wide range of attractions to offer. Stroll through the Herrenhausen Gardens, an impressive example of baroque garden architecture, or explore the historic old town with its picturesque stores and cafés. The city also hosts numerous festivals and cultural events that ensure a lively city life.

Relaxation on the North Sea coast:

Visit the North Sea coast for a refreshing break. The unique Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers guided tours where you can walk across the seabed at low tide. The coastal towns in the region, such as Cuxhaven, offer beautiful beaches and soothing sea air – perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Hiking in the Harz Mountains:

The Harz Mountains are a paradise for nature lovers. This area is home to dense forests, rushing streams and rugged mountain peaks. Hiking, mountain biking and winter sports are very popular here, and there are well-signposted hiking trails and ski areas. Don’t miss out on a visit to the historic town of Goslar with its well-preserved medieval architecture.

Bubble Tent in Germany

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